There is a lot against us.

The rain drops are pounding away

and they are cold, really really cold.

Schedules are too full,

crisis's keep popping up, 

expectations getting more and more unrealistic, debt growing,

patience shrinking,

energy always close to empty 

and the rain drops just keep pounding.  

How long can you hold on?


Have you heard?

You are not alone.

There is a God who knows

what you are going through.

He is always ready to act for people

who have had enough of doing things their way

and are finally ready for His help.

If you are there - there is hope for you.


You can make it because God will help you.

He knows you better than you know yourself.

He understands how you got here 

better than you do.

You may not believe it, 

but He has been waiting a long time

for this moment to help you deal with

the stuff that really matters.

The truth is, He is on your side

and won't let you down.

No way.


He knows that a brighter day is coming,

a day when the air will be crisp and clear,

and you will realize enduring the rain

was well worth the fight.

So until that sunny day, hold on,

don't let anything blow you away.

You will make it.


The next sunny day you happen to see

a little bird flying across your view,

remember he has stood in the rain too.

He made it.  

But what about you?

There is an even greater power at work in you, The power of a God who is on your side.

There is always hope.