Your First Visit

Spirit of Life Biblical Counselors wants your first visit and the ones to follow to be a safe experience. The offices resemble a warm and inviting home, where you can sit down, relax and share your feelings. It is a place where you can sense God’s love and assurance and find the guidance and encouragement you need to work things out. 


Some of the comments we have recieved from our past clients:

-  "I always feels so relaxed and comfortable                              when I'm here"

-  "I always feel so much better after I come"

-  "It is so peaceful"


Your first visit will be like meeting a new friend. You and your counselor will get to know a little about each other and where you are. We will find out what you would like to see happen during your future visits and help you accomplish your goals. Your first visit will normally be about 90 minutes.



$60 Per Session






To Schedule an Appointment,

Call 281-382-9548


Intake Forms

Please print and bring the following forms completed with you to your first appointment.